Hunting in Tyrol: The Ganghofer Hunting Area!

Gracefulness of nature. Respect for the wild.

Where dark fir trees are reflected in crystal-clear mountain lakes, while soaring peaks and craggy rockfaces look on. Where the wind moves the meadows as if they were waves in the sea, and where the forests appear to be acting as breakers. That’s where you can still hear it – the call of the wild, in nature’s purest language. Flanked and protected by the imposing Zugspitze, at the heart of the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena, lies the Ganghofer hunting ground. The habitat of proud stags, graceful chamois and shy marmots, all of them at home in this Alpine terrain that spans 3,300 hectares.
Where you can get up close and personal with nature, touch it, feel it. Our Ganghofer hunting ground is a precious gem with a rare biodiversity and an abundance of game. Vast and incomparable. A dreamlike setting that makes us reflect on our origins and throws us back into the nature of which we come. Get to know this paradise and the way we hunt in Tyrol, always in tune with nature.