Natural, exclusive, precious.

Top-quality brands at the Wellness Hotel Post in Lermoos.

This is how cosmetics must be: natural, deeply effective, gentle and sustainable. To meet our and your demands for first-class care, we have selected four of the best cosmetic brands of our time for you as products for our Alpine SPA – and express their uniqueness in wonderful beauty treatments. Of course, each of the wellness and cosmetic brands such as Balance Alpine 1000+, QMS Medicosmetics, Vinoble Cosmetics and Alpienne shares the philosophy of our Alpine Luxury Gourmet & SPA Hotel Post in Lermoos and guarantees quality at the highest level.

QMS MediCosmetics

“Everyday Skincare for Everyone” is the simple-sounding claim of QMS MediCosmetics, who have perfectioned the art of gentle anti-aging with precious ingredients and innovative formulas. The highest level of quality and efficiency of the products as well as their in-depth, state-of-the-art expertise make the internationally renowned expert for aesthetic medicine Dr. med. Erich Schulte and his team of beauty experts at QMS leaders in the their field. For more than 25 years, QMS has been synonymous for systemic, highly effective skincare. Our QMS beauty treatments will show you why!


Harness the power of the Alps with Alpienne. Harvested by hand and produced in a climate-neutral manner, Alpienne skincare products are particularly sustainable and effective. In an imitable and authentic way, Alpienne has rediscovered the healing powers of Alpine animal and plant life and uses them to enrich their wellness & SPA products. On the basis of olive oil, beeswax and propolis, this is skincare that goes deeper – pure, strong, unique. Harness the power of the Alps in our Alpienne treatments!

Balance Alpine 1000+

With Balance Alpine 1000+, the Best Alpine Wellness Hotels offer you exclusive products that have the power of the Alps themselves. Precious herbal essences taken from sustainably grown mountain herbs form the basis of the products. The result is precious, unique creams, oils and lotions for facial and body treatments that are deeply nourishing for your skin, help to rebuild it and therefore naturally emphasise your unique beauty.

Vinoble Cosmetics

A name that has made beauty history. Vinoble Cosmetics provides nature-based, vegan products that offer a perfect blend of nature and science and will also restore the balance of your skin. Vinoble Cosmetics uses sun-ripened grapes, harvested in outstanding regions, that promise a flawless complexion and natural anti-aging. Refreshingly light textures, amazing fragrances and revolutionary formulas make Vinoble Cosmetics one of the leading brands in the wellness industry. “Pure nature” is what Vinoble Cosmetics stands for and offers in every product and every treatment. Try it – you won’t regret it. Go to our Vinoble Cosmetics treatments.