Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena & the Zugspitzbahn lift.

Taking your breath away at 3000 m above sea level

The Zugspitze rises to 2962 m above sea level; it not only the highest mountain in Germany, but also the most extraordinary. It towers majestically towards the Alpine sky, and has moulded the people and nature in the region for millennia. Today the Zugspitze is the centre of the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena, one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Austria. It is a viewing platform, a temple for unforgettable gourmet experiences, quite literally of the highest standard, and a charming attraction that is conquered comfortably in just 10 min with a summit ticket on the Tyrolean Zugspitz Bergbahn lift.

The Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena & the Zugspitze museum

"Fascination Zugspitze" is how the invitation to the Zugspitze museum reads, and here you can find out all about the history of the mountain. It is excitingly portrayed and very interesting for the whole family.

The Tyrolean Zugspitze: the summit of pleasure.

A panorama viewing platform. 400 peaks, 4 countries, an unforgettable view and the extraordinary beauty of the massif itself make the Tyrolean Zugspitze one of the most remarkable mountains in the Alps. When clear, the view stretches as far as the majestic Großglockner, to the Piz Bernina, and to the television tower in Munich. The unique panoramic restaurant at nearly 3000 m above sea level is, in the true sense of the word, the "summit of pleasure", and you are sure to love its fine culinary delights whilst taking in the unforgettable views.

Magnificent experiences in the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena

Just as remarkable as the Zugspitze itself are the accompaniments that surround it: a repertoire that includes unforgettable summit fondue, a romantic mountain breakfast after a sunrise lift up, and the highest "Wiese" in the world: the Zugspitze Oktoberfest. Every guest is inspired anew: the Zugspitze Erlebniswelt (world of experience) entices you out onto a platform completely made of glass, enabling you to experience the jagged heights of the massif in an impressive way. Experienced alpinists embark on the climb to the cross on the summit, one that requires surefootedness and appropriate equipment, and offers as a reward a memory that will remain with you forever.

Countless moments of amazement, limitless fascination, and unique experiences. Culinary delights of the highest standard, knowledge and adventure from a totally new perspective. Invigorating high mountain air, unbelievable feelings of height, and impressive natural beauty: this is the Tyrolean Zugspitze, an Alpine hotspot and attractive holiday destination number 1. In just 10 minutes the Tyrolean Zugspitzbahn whisks you comfortably up to the impressive environment at the top of the mountain, the highest mountain in Germany.