Mountain bliss at 2,969 m!

The Zugspitze – heart of the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena.

At the Alpine Luxury Gourmet & SPA Hotel Post in Lermoos, it dominates the field of vision at all times: the imposing Zugspitze, the heart of the Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena region. The mountain is a proud 2,969 metres high and its appearance is no less impressive. A mighty, striking massif that shapes the landscape around Lermoos like no other mountain. Despite its height, the summit can be reached comfortably in just 10 minutes on the Zugspitz cable car. An extraordinary world of experience awaits you with a viewing platform with incredible panoramic views, gourmet highlights in the truest sense of the word and special impressions of nature and sport.

High above the clouds, on the summit of the Zugspitze: 2,969 m. 400 peaks. 4 countries.

Standing at the summit of the Zugspitze is an unforgettable moment. From the viewing platform made of glass at 2,969 m, you will gain entirely new perspectives, in every sense. 4 countries and close to 400 mountain peaks can be seen from here. On a clear day, you might see as far as the Großglockner, the Biz Bernina and the TV tower in Munich. The glass of the platform shows off the altitude and the craggy rocks below you with their sheer drop to their full advantage – be prepared for goose bumps! And in the panorama restaurant next door, you can count on culinary feats of the highest order – quite literally.

The Zugspitz Museum on the summit tells you more about this fascinating mountain, and the “Bahnorama” museum at the valley station recounts the history of the cable car.

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Discover the world of the
Zugspitze at 2,969 m.

Reach the top in just 10 minutes!

From the 4-Star Superior Hotel Post in Lermoos up to 2,969 m.

The Zugspitze is almost 3,000 metres high – but thanks to the Zugspitz Bahn, you can reach the summit of all summits in just 10 minutes, within easy distance of the Alpine Luxury Gourmet & SPA Hotel Post in Lermoos. If you count yourself among the sure-footed and practised mountaineers, you may also conquer the summit the old-fashioned way – on foot! The impressive natural setting made of rock and stone invites you to embark on an unforgettable mountain adventure. In winter, there is also the option of skiing on the Zugspitzplatt. The unique ambience of this high Alpine setting is also the reason why the Zugspitze is the chosen location for numerous events, such as the highest Oktoberfest in the world.