Wine culture
at the hotel Post

Award-winning wine cellar

Wein & Genuss im Alpine Luxury Gourmet & SPA Hotel Post

Im 4-Sterne-Superior Hotel Post in Lermoos gehört der Wein zur Urlaubskultur fest dazu. Wein verbindet Menschen und er steht für aufmerksamen Genuss. Das spiegelt sich in der Weinkarte der Post wider: 1.000 Positionen zeugen von der vinophilen Leidenschaft im Alpine Luxury Gourmet & SPA Hotel. Darunter befinden sich erlesene Raritäten, bekannte Klassiker und auch Neuentdeckungen und besondere Kreationen. Ein Sortiment, das jeden Weinkenner zu überzeugen weiß. Und auch deshalb schon mehrfach ausgezeichnet wurde, u.a. vom À la Carte-Guide mit der höchstmöglichen Auszeichnung: 3 von 3 Flaschen.


Wine in all its glorious variety: More than 1,000 vintages at the Post

Well-assorted and award-winning: the wine cellar at the Post in Lermoos is a true achievement. The wine list with its 1,000 vintages is more reminiscent of a book than a menu and makes for great reading indeed. For wine connoisseurs, this is surely heaven on earth! All in a day’s work for F&B Manager Almin, who picks the right wine for the right dish (or for that special moment) on a daily basis. Vintages from Austria and from all over the world put it an appearance here. Every facet of wine is celebrated; white, red, rosé. Crisp, full-bodied, sparkling. Single varieties and cuvées.

From fruity and crispy to velvety and full-bodied – you are bound to find your favourite in the 1,000 vintages of our wine list.

Indulgence for wine connoisseurs.



1000 positions can be found in our wine list.

From classics to new discoveries

Selected wine specialties at the Post

Wine culture at the Post encompasses a vast variety of wines, both from Austria and the world at large. Well-established classics stand alongside the cheeky creations of young winegrowers. This way, wine lovers of every ilk are bound to find what they are looking for during their holiday in Lermoos. One of the ways in which we celebrate our passion for wine is the traditional wine event at the start of spring, with a different motto every year and always showcasing excellent wines and vineyards from a wide range of regions and countries.