A memorable hunting holiday in Austria!

Hunting on 3,300 hectares: the Ganghofer hunting ground.

You leave at daybreak, before the early-morning fog has lifted. The mountain peaks that majestically dominate the scenery appear to glow in the first rays of the sun. The brushwood is covered in white frost. You creep up quietly, carefully, vigilantly. With eagle eyes, you register every moment. And there, ahead of you, between the spruce trees, something moves. And there is one pair of eyes that reflect ancient hunting traditions and all the secrets of nature. Your experienced hunting companion stands still and points at the thicket. Not a sound is heard…
Tell us how the story ends! Tell us of your hunting holiday in our hunting hotel in Austria. Experience the Tyrolean tradition of hunting first-hand and discover the secrets of Alpine nature in one of Emperor Maximilian I’s favourite hunting grounds.

Breathtaking variety. Hunting in Tyrol.

Your hunting trip in Austria combines intuition, skill and an awareness of the nature that surrounds us. Sensitivity and feeling are just as important as marksmanship and a trained eye. We treat the elemental force of creation with respect, so that the generations after us will still have the opportunity to experience an enjoyable hunting holiday in Austria. Due to the careful care of our Ganghof hunting grounds and the cautious treatment of the land and forests, we have an exceptionally rich game population that fascinates hunters, nature lovers, quiet animal observers and trackers time and again with its diversity and richness of species.

Rich in game & simply beautiful!

Hunting is a human passion in its most primal form.

Red deer, roe deer, chamois, wood grouse and black grouse, and of course the well-known marmot, have found a refuge in the shadow of the Zugspitze – an idyllic, natural habitat. he Tyrolean Zugspitz Arena is a veritable Eldorado for those planning a hunting holiday in Austria. 3,300 hectares of Alpine nature, a unique hunting ground, crystal-clear mountain lakes, deep forests. Right at the heart of all this stands our welcoming hunting lodge, where you can celebrate your achievements and see the day out in culinary style. An extraordinary highlight is our hunting lodge brunch on the sunny panorama terrace, where the indoor and outdoor delights merge to an atmospheric gastronomic adventure. Come and join us!