The essence of luxurious living.
Stylish, elegant, generous. The Penthouse Post is ideal for all those who want more out of their holiday.
With its trademark blend of traditional, elegant charm, the Penthouse Post on the fourth floor never fails to inspire. Lots of space for one-of-a-kind holiday moments, immersed in Alpine luxury à la Post. Luxury living with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, walk-in closet and spacious living room with terrace - view to the Sonnenspitze - a dream




<ul> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-sekt"></i>Welcome champagne in the room</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-kingsize-bett"></i>King-size double bed box-spring mattresses 200×210</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-balkon"></i>Balcony/terrace with mountain view</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-foehn"></i>Hairdryer</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-badewanne"></i>Bathtub</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-handdusche"></i>Shower</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-doppelwaschbecken"></i>Double sink</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-separates_wc"></i>Separate toilet</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-tv"></i>TV (86 channels)</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-wifi"></i>Internet</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-telefon"></i>Telephone</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-minibar"></i>Mini bar</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-safe"></i>Safe</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-teekocher"></i>In-room coffee/tea making facilities</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-rucksack"></i>Post backpack</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-regenschirm"></i>Post umbrella</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-badetasche"></i>Bathing bag for the duration of your stay with towel</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-bademantel"></i>Bathrobe</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-schuhloeffel"></i>Shoehorn</li> </ul>


domestic equipments

This equipment
is included in the room rate.



Note: The floor plans may differ in shape and layout, the type of wood used may vary depending on the room.

Seasonal time

Price p.p./day

08.05.2024 – 05.07.2024

from € 371,00

05.07.2024 – 10.11.2024

from € 381,00

29.11.2024 – 20.12.2024
06.01.2025 – 01.02.2025
08.03.2025 – 22.04.2025

from € 381,00

20.12.2024 – 06.01.2025

from € 490,00

01.02.2025 – 15.02.2025

from € 403,00

15.02.2025 – 08.03.2025

from € 434,00



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