Holiday luxury for the family in an elegant ambience.
If you are looking for a holiday with room for everyone, look no further.
In the Family Suite de Luxe E, the whole family lives with plenty of space for themselves, in an elegant, down-to-earth ambience, surrounded by warm wood. A large children's room with large bunk beds and extra TV as well as a walk-in closet are the special features of this suite.




<ul> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-sekt"></i>Welcome champagne in the room</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-kingsize-bett"></i>King-size double bed box-spring mattresses 200×210</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-balkon"></i>Balcony/terrace with mountain view</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-foehn"></i>Hairdryer</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-badewanne"></i>Bathtub</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-handdusche"></i>Shower</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-doppelwaschbecken"></i>Double sink</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-separates_wc"></i>Separate toilet</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-tv"></i>TV (86 channels)</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-wifi"></i>Internet</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-telefon"></i>Telephone</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-minibar"></i>Mini bar</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-safe"></i>Safe</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-teekocher"></i>In-room coffee/tea making facilities</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-rucksack"></i>Post backpack</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-regenschirm"></i>Post umbrella</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-badetasche"></i>Bathing bag for the duration of your stay with towel</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-bademantel"></i>Bathrobe</li> <li><i class="ico-hpl-as-schuhloeffel"></i>Shoehorn</li> </ul>


domestic equipments

This equipment
is included in the room rate.



Note: The floor plans may differ in shape and layout, the type of wood used may vary depending on the room.

Seasonal time

Price p.p./day

08.05.2024 – 05.07.2024

from € 306,00

05.07.2024 – 10.11.2024

from € 316,00

29.11.2024 – 20.12.2024
06.01.2025 – 01.02.2025
08.03.2025 – 22.04.2025

from € 316,00

20.12.2024 – 06.01.2025

from € 425,00

01.02.2025 – 15.02.2025

from € 338,00

15.02.2025 – 08.03.2025

from € 369,00



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