Treatments with stone pine

A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled.

Stone pines stand for the power of nature, for balance, for tranquillity. heir gentle fragrance has a calming effect: our breathing slows down, our heart beats more regularly. The revitalising stone pine treatments at the Post Alpine SPA bring about a sense of well-being and of physical and mental harmony and help restore our inner balance.

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€ 84,00

Alpienne Salt Stone Massage

Relax during a soothing full-body salt stone massage. Choose from our special massage lotions with Alpine ingredients. The salt stone is our gift to you to use at home!

€ 112,00

Alpienne “ZIRM” ritual “Queen of the Alps”

Enjoy a footbath with pure mountain salt and stone pine shavings in our stone pine basin, with a gentle peeling for your feet. The stone pine massage rollers that are used for the full-body massage penetrate the layers of the muscles