Arrival So-Tue, not bookable on public holidays, children's rates without treatment, SPA treatments can only be booked from 10 am to 3 pm, not applicable and can be combined with other packages/benefits (BWH discount) or for pre-existing bookings!
Wellness "Make-A-Wish" 3+1

24.05. – 06/03/2021 | 06.06. – 18.06.2021 | 20.06. – 12.08.2021 | 15.08. – 17.12.2021

Enjoy three nights incl. Post Gourmet Pension PLUS and Post Inclusive Services
and choose 1 desired treatment from our wellness wish list

Package and treatments are not selectable or can be redeemed in cash




  • 3 nights
  • including Post Gourmet Pension PLUS and inclusive services

Wellness “Make-A-Wish” list

  • ALPIENNE Tyrolean herbal bath
  • ALPIENNE Honey Pine Bath
  • VINOBLE Cosmetics Barrique wine bath
  • Post-Alpine partial body massage
  • Aroma back massage
  • Facial massage Freedom of thought Balance Alpine 1000+
  • Care and regeneration body pack
  • After Sun Body Pack
  • VINOBLE Cosmetics Eye Treatment
  • Post Alpin Spa Full Body Scrub
  • Hand and arm massage with peeling and pack
  • Herbal essence foot bath with foot massage and wrap
  • Ear candle treatment



included in the price.



Matching treatments to your package

Treatments at The Hotel Post

€ 191,00

ME-time: Moments of Indulgence

Vinoble sea salt grapeseed peeling 30 mins
Aroma back massage | 25 mins
Vinoble intensive facial | 90 mins

€ 321,00

!QMS Anti Aging Pure

Customised intensive facial | 100 mins
Pure Oxygen facial, incl. lip & eye repair | 100 mins

€ 184,00

Balance Alpine 1000+ Primal Power

Vital Force facial | 50 mins
incl. Balance Alpine 1000+ herbal essence of your choice
Including. Balance Alpine 1000+ herbal essence of your choice

€ 169,00

Summer Beauty Time Out

Balance Alpine facial 1000+ 80 mins
Ritual “Power of the Alps” (full-body peeling and body pack) – 60 mins

€ 35,00

VINOBLE Cosmetics Barrique wine bath

A blend of selected ingredients such as grapeseed extract, rose blossom water, aloe vera, red wine leaves and oak bark make this bath unique. It regulates moisture levels and has a positive effect on your overall well-being.

€ 35,00

VINOBLE Cosmetics rose foam bath

Let the unique fragrance of the rose foam bath enchant you and feel the zest for life and harmony that comes with it! Rosewater has a stimulating effect and smooths dry skin. The gentle fragrance of the natural perfume oil restores your sense of harmony.

€ 35,00

ALPIENNE Tyrolean bath with honey and stone pine

A soothing, relaxing bath with precious nutrients derived from pure honey and the soothing essential oils of stone pine. Smooths, regulates moisture levels and has a positive effect on your general well-being.

€ 35,00

ALPIENNE Tyrolean herbal bath

An invigorating bath with extracts of natural mountain herbs that grow in the wild. Helps the body regenerate, stimulates the blood flow and has a wonderfully refreshing fragrance.

€ 42,00

ALPIENNE natural salt peeling with honey, stone pine and natural salt

A cleansing peeling made from nutrient-rich honey and propolis that has antibacterial properties. Particularly recommended for rough and flaky skin.

€ 42,00

Post Alpine SPA nurturing sugar peeling with herbal oils

A natural, vitamin-packed peeling made from white sugar and precious herbal oil. Supports the skin’s metabolism thanks to its high content of plant and mineral substances This nutritious peeling is suitable for all skin types, in particular for dry and sensitive skin.

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