First-class cosmetic brands in the Post Alpin SPA.

Noble, exquisite, effective.

Cosmetics should be natural, deeply effective, protective, and long-lasting. To match up to our and your high demands in first-class care, we have selected 5 of the current best cosmetic brands, and use these to their full effect in our wonderful beauty treatments. Of course, every one of the 5 wellness and cosmetic brands !QMS, Vinoble Cosmetics, Alpienne and Artistic shares the philosophy of our Alpine Luxury Gourmet & SPA Hotel Post in Lermoos and the highest in quality comes guaranteed.

Let us introduce you briefly to our selected cosmetic brands:

Vinoble Cosmetics

A name that has a history of success: Vinoble Cosmetics blends a perfect harmony of nature and science in its extraordinary natural vegan products products, bringing your skin into new balance. Gleaned from sun-ripened grapes, harvested in excellent regions, Vinoble cosmetics has come up with a concept for perfect, beautiful skin and natural anti-ageing. Refreshingly light textures, wonderful fragrances, and revolutionary ingredients distinguish Vinoble Cosmetics as one of the leading cosmetic brands in the wellness branch. "Natur pur" (pure nature) is promised by Vinoble in each of it products and in every Vinoble Cosmetics treatment, sure to inspire you. Our Vinoble Cosmetics treatments.

!QMS MediCosmetics

"Everday skincare for everyone"; The claim from !QMA MediCosmetics is simple, and by using  valuable ingredients and pioneering ingredients, they have perfected the art of anti-ageing. Expert quality and efficiency as well as specialist knowledge and know-how from a brand that has its finger on the pulse, prove that the internationally renowned specialist for aesthetic medicine, Dr Erich Schulte, and the !QMS beauty experts are leaders in the field. !QMS has stood for systematic skin care for over 25 years, with a high record of efficacy. Experience it for yourself in our !QMS cosmetic treatments. 


Discover the power of the Alps with Alpienne. Alpienne has rediscovered the therapeutic properties of alpine flora and fauna in an incomarably authentic way and incorporated them into their wellness and SPA products with characteristic esprit. Alpienne's care products are especially effective and long-lasting, made from ingredients harvested by hand and with a neutral effect on the climate. A sure, strong, and unique form of health care with a base of olive oil, beeswax, and propolis. Discover the power of the Alps for yourself in our Alpienne treatments.

Balance Alpine 1000+

The exclusive brand of the Best Wellness Hotels Austria is based on the handed-over knowledge of the traditional European medicine movement and uses the power of high-grown alpine herbs spargyrically processed, basic mineral salts and Mehner healing water for the holistic support both physical and mental of the acid-base-balance of body, metabolism and skin.   

Artistic Colour Gloss Lake

A new nail varnish system for perfect manicures and pedicures; the brand Artistic is characteristic in its simple application, immediate drying, and a durability of up to 3 weeks. The varnish does not splinter or scratch, and protects your natural nails. The brilliant high-gloss has an impressive effect. Choose your favourite colour for your manicure and pedicure in the Post Alpin SPA.

Book your own personal beauty applications with the wellness and cosmetic brands !QMS, Couleur Caramel, Vinoble Cosmetics, Alpienne and Artistic in our Post Alpin SPA.

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