Body Treatments

Ganzkörper-Wellness im Post Alpin SPA in Tirol

Im Hotel Post Lermoos bieten wir Ihnen zahlreiche Möglichkeiten zum Wohlfühlen, Erholen und Entspannen. Bei unseren Körperanwendungen begeben Sie sich in die fachkundigen Hände unserer Wellness-Experten, die Sie mit viel Erfahrung und besten Produkten behandeln. Genießen Sie Ruhe und pflegen Sie Körper und Geist.

Vinotherapy Extension

Duration: approx. 50 min.
Glove Exfoliation Massage | Oil Massage | Fascia Massage |Body Reflexology Points Massage

Feel the intense effect of this massage on your body! Combined vinotherapeutic massage methods will stimulate your metabolism, remove waste products and promote detoxification processes. Active ingredients from the grapevine act supportingly.
€ 79,-

Vinotherapy Auslese

Duration: approx. 80 min.
Glove Exfoliation Massage | Fascia Massage | Body ReflexologyMassage | Cleansing with Talcum PowderA refined composition of vinotherapeutic treatment methods!Our vinotherapist will guide you through a journey of ancient treatment methods based on the active ingredients of grapevines.Indulge in intensely nutritious oil, cleansing body powder and fragrant blossom essences. A reflex zone massage will releases tension of the connective tissue, the lymph flow will be stimulated and the body detoxicated.
€ 129,-

Vinoble Cosmetics Wrap - Structure deluxe

Duration: approx. 60 min.
Body Wrap | Face Massage | Head Massage | Finishing CareA slimming wrap with instant effect! Viniferin, an active ingredient extracted from grapevine shoots, promotes fatburning in the cell and blood flow. A special wrapping technique enhances the effect, boosts the skin‘s firmness and detoxifies the tissue.A power treatment to get your body in shape.
€ 82,-

!QMS Anti Cellulite Contouring

Duration: approx. 60 min.
!QMS Effect Exfoliation | Body Shape | Modelling |Foot Massage | Arm MassageThis massage has a supporting function and acts against cellulite, stimulates the blood flow and hydrates the skin. The combination of active ingredients cosmetic and special application technique acts supportingly against toxins of the environment, smoothes the texture of the skin and boost the body‘s firmness.
€ 85,-

VINOBLE Cosmetics Salt & Grape Seed exfoliation

Duration: approx. 30 min.
Made from grape seeds, salt and intensely nourishing grape seed oil, this exfoliation is perfectly suited for dry and sensitive skin. After a thorough cleansing, the skin surface will be able to ideally absorb precious fatty acids of the cold-pressed grape seed oil.
€ 42,-

Post Alpin SPA Peeling

Duration: approx. 30 min.
Made from white sugar, precious almond oil and fragrant essential oils, this natural and nourishing exfoliation is enriched with vitamins and perfectly suited for all skin types. We recommend it especially for the care of sensitive sin.
€ 42,-

ALPIENNE Cleansing Honey & Stone Pine Natural Salt Peeling

Duration: approx. 30 min.
A gentle peeling based on nourishing honey and antibacterial propolis which we recommend in particular for rough and flaking skin.
€ 42,-

!QMS Effect Exfoliation with a sparkle

Duration: approx. 30 min.
Experience the invigorating Pro-Body Exfoliator Gel with micro-fine peeling particles and vitalizing oils – with peeling gloves. After the treatment, your skin will get pampered with the innovative Revitalizing Lift-o-firm Body Cream that boosts firmness of problem areas and leaves your skin feeling smooth, vital and harmonic.
€ 49,-

ALPIENNE Tyrol Herb Bath

Duration: approx. 25 min.
A powerful and invigorating bath with extracts of natural wild mountain herbs.Refreshing fragrances for a relaxing effect which promotes bloody flow.
€ 35,-

ALPIENNE Tyrol Honey & Stone Pine Bath

Duration: approx. 25 min.
A soothing and relaxing bath with valuable natural substances based on pure honey and soothing stone pine essential oils.Has a smoothing effect, regulates moisture and has a positive impact on general well-being.
€ 35,-

Entspannende Tage in stilvollem Ambiente

Planen Sie Ihren romantischen Wellnessurlaub mitten in den Tiroler Bergen. Das Alpine Luxury Hotel Post wird Sie mit seinem stilvollen Ambiente, dem herrlichen Blick auf die Berge, den kulinarischen Highlights und dem umfassenden Wellness-Angebot begeistern. Senden Sie uns Ihre unverbindliche Anfrage und vereinbaren Sie gleich eine entspannende Körperanwendung zu Ihrem persönlichen Wunschtermin. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch!