Angelika & Franz Dengg and family.

Treating guests to natural down-to-earthness but also the highest standards of quality.

It is the inherent bold contrasts that make the Hotel Post so unique. The joy with which each day is lived out, and that lies in each and every detail, and the total dedication  infused by the Dengg host family. Nothing is left to chance, and this dependable vitality is palpable throughout; a calmness, the joy of being part of it all that is radiated by th ehosts, whether it be in an individual conversation, an exchange between staff, or in the personal service offered. The moment, the person, and the togetherness count above all, making the luxury of this hotel all the more irresistible.

A philosophy actively lived out, with solid values, and sustainable responsibility.

Words themselves are transient; every decision brings with it the potential of giving more, living better, acting more sustainably on all levels, with staff, whose welfare is our greatest commodity, with nature, whose energy drives us forwards, with businesses in the region that give our hotel its authentic Alpine characteristics, with the social surroundings that we take along with us and that influence us. These guiding principles, this commitment to the good and constructive, are implicit in the Dengg family. It is a matter of giving back in return and saying thank you, usually quietly, and always with total conviction.

It was in 1986 that Elfriede Jäger, née Dengg, handed the Hotel Post together with today's Post Schlössl on to her cousin, Franz Dengg senior, and his son Horst Dengg, the father of Franz Dengg, who runs it now together with his wife Angelika Dengg as the Alpine Luxury Gourmet & SPA Hotel Post, one of the most highly class venues in the Tyrol Zugspitz Arena. As runners of the Zugspitzbahn, founding hotel of the Tyrol Zugspitz Golf Course, and hosts in the Hotel Post, they have let their valuable influencs play its part in a region that is incomparable in its diversity and natural beauty.

Did you know...

... that the Dengg host family regard conservation of the environment and responsible business operation as being very important?


The creation of regional value, close cooperation with local businesses, and short transport distances were not only important in the construction phase in 2006, but also remain important principles today. Thanks to the organic heating station and modern building techniques, each year 120,000 litres of heating oil are saved.

Sensitive recycling of residual products, and E-mobility with electric scooters for our guests are further contributions to an environmentally conscious life amidst impressive natural scenery where mankind can also flourish: by being involved in organisations for the common good, local associations such as for example the "Rettet das Kind Tirol", "Lebenshilfe Tirol", the SOS children's home in Imst, the kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, football and ice hockey clubs, and the local voluntary Fire Brigade.

If you would also like to support us, we will happily provide you with information.