460 years of the Hotel Post

For more than 460 years the Hotel Post has been a family-run-business.

The entire development of the movements of people in our region is reflected in the “Post in Lermoos”. History, and lots of stories, all relating to people and travels. Coachmen used to bring with them news from foreign regions and countries. The transport of salt over the Fernpass brought wealth with it, and the post coaches brought guests. Wars, crises, and human tragedies all left their mark. They are not forgotten.


The laying of the “Alte Post" foundation stone, the Post station of the Imperial post messenger of Füssen and Lermoos under Emperor Maximilian I and Emperor Karl V, later to become a residence for nobility in a renaissance style.


The Princes of Thurn und Taxis passed on the inheritance of the Post to the von Sterzinger family.


The von Sterzinger family were salt merchants. The “Lermooser Salzstadel” was built on the salt route from Hall to Augsburg.


The guesthouse “Zur Post" was taken over by the Jäger family who acted as advocates.


The von Dietrich family became the new owners of “Zur Post".


On the 20.03, Goethe stayed in Lermoos on his journey to Italy.


Johann Von Dietrich became a military supplier. He fought under Andreas Hofer in a significant position against the Bavarians and was recognised for this by Emperor Franz I.


The Post Schlössl became the ownership of the Jäger family and was used as a private residence

Second World War

During the Second World War, the Hotel Post was used as a barracks.


The Dengg family took over the business from Elfriede Jäger (née Dengg).


The Hotel Post marked being in business for 300 years, and the listed Post Schlössl was completely renovated.


The Hotel Post was rebuilt, though keeping the listed part at the Kirchplatz.


The Lermooser Salzstadel was dismantled and constructed anew in Ehrenberg.


The 450th anniversary of the Post.


You can read a detailed account of the history in our anniversary brochure.

Jubilee Brochure 450 years Hotel Post (in German)

Jubilee Brochure 450 years Hotel Post (in German)

450 years Hotel Post - this was the reason to create this jubilee brochure. Find out more about our history, the postschlössl and our region (only available in German).