A family run business rich in tradition and values.

Everyone here makes a gallant host.

Personality, charm, a passion for the extraordinary, authenticity, and humour; everyone here, the Dengg host family and each member of staff, embodies the harmony of this lovingly run hotel. The balance between tradition and a desire for things new, between exquisite luxury and human togetherness, because the joviality, gentle music, and tales told by enthusiastic guests are what create the setting for generous enjoyment. You can experience how refreshing light elegance can be, how down to earth exalted life can be, and how discreet heartfelt hospitality can be.

The Post Hotel came into existence 450 years ago, and has been run as a hotel for 300 years: these are grandiose anniversaries that we would like to celebrate with our valued staff. Rich in history, and yet after four and a half centuries it is still the people that distinguish this hotel. The dignified ambience gives it its charisma, the finest creations its uniqueness, and the sense of wellbeing gives it a name, and for this we are grateful.