Hunting times in Tyrol.

Time for a “Waidmanns Heil!” hunter’s greeting.

Your personal hunting experience is nearer than you think. You will find below details of our conditions and bounty for shot animals.
When taken in combination with a stay in our Alpine Luxury Gourmet & SPA Hotel Post in Lermoos, individual hunts can be booked. Select here your best hunting times in Tyrol and secure yourself your bounty at your chosen time.

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Hunting Seasons & Wild Species

Wild species
Hunting season
Male red deer I 01.08. to 15.11.
Male red deer II and III 01.08. to 31.12.
Female red deer 01.06. to 31.12.
Chamois 01.08. to 15.12.
Female roe deer I and II 01.06. to 31.10.
Male roe deer III 01.06. to 31.12.
Female roe deer and doe 01.06. to 31.12.
Marmot 15.08. to 30.09.
Rabbit 01.10. to 15.01.
Badger 15.07. to 15.02.
Hazel cock 15.09. to 15.10.
Ptarmigan 15.11. to 31.12.
Mallard, wood pigeon 01.10. to 15.01.
Pheasant 01.10. to 15.01.

All year huntable:

Fox, stone marten, polecat, raccoon, raccoon dog and boar

The following species are year-round to spare:

Wolf, brown bear, pine marten, lynx, wildcat, vine, stone and coot, woodcock, eagle owl, forest, owl, tower and tree falcon, hawk, buzzard, sparrow hawks, golden eagles, great blue heron, cormorants, mergansers, rackel, raven, carrion crow, magpie, jay.

Conditions 2021

Plus the cost of a Tyrol Hunting Card -2 weeks Euro 40,-
Extension for the Tyrol Hunting Card Euro 91,-
Payment for rounds of between Euro 50,- and Euro 130,-
in connection with a hotel stay


Chamois buck, Chamois goat

Minimum stay of 4 days in the hotel

Chamois buck
Shooting season: 01.08.-15.12.
Class III from € 1.200,-
to € 1.500,-
Class II from € 1.550,-
to € 1.950,-
Class I from € 2.050,-
to € 2.350,-

Chamois goat
Shooting season: 01.08.-15.12.
Class III from € 1.200,-
to € 1.500,-
Class II from € 1.550,-
to € 1.950,-
Class I from € 2.050,-
to € 2.350,-

Red deer

Stag, Deer

Minimum stay of 5 days in the hotel

Shooting season: 01.08.-31.12.
Class III from € 1.700,-
to € 2.000,-
Class II from € 3.900,-
to € 4.800,-
Class I from € 8.900,-
to € 10.700,-

Shooting season: 01.06.-15.12.
Deer € 400,-


Shooting season: 15.08.-30.09.
Marmot € 350,-

Minimum stay of 3 days in the hotel

Roe deer

Roebuck, Doe

Minimum stay of 3 days in the hotel

Shooting season: 01.06.-31.10.
Class III

€ 550,-

Class II

€ 950,-

Class I

€ 1.250,-

Shooting season: 01.06.-31.12.
Doe € 200,-


Shooting season: 10.05.-31.05.
Cocks € 1.800,-

General Information

PRICES INCLUDE STATUTORY VALUE ADDED TAX! Kills may not be paid for by credit card

Weapon use:

Weapon use incl. ammunition € 30,00


Boiling/defleshing of trophies € 45,00


As of the third hunt (does not apply if animal is downed):
Raised hide € 25,00
Stalking, ½ day € 35,00
Stalking, 1 day € 70,00

Scent hounds:

If a scent hound is needed to track wounded/downed game, we charge € 80,00

Wounded game:

Wounded game, which cannot be found despite search efforts, is charged at half the price of the estimated trophy fee. With respect to marmots, wounded is regarded as a kill. For black- and wood grouse, firing shot is regarded as a hit. If black- or wood grouse as well as marmots are shot at with a bullet and feathers or blood are found, this is regarded as a hit.


Your own dogs - even hunting dogs - may not be brought on hunts!

Hunting license:

Well in advance of your hunting vacation, please send us a copy of your hunting license so that we can take care of all the details.