Hunting in Tyrol: the “Ganghofer Jagd” hunting ground.

The elegance of nature, and a respect for wilderness.

Where the dark fir trees reflect in the crystal clear mountain lakes, with towering proud mountain peaks and jagged cliffs, where the wind creates light wave patterns on the meadows with the woods like breaking surf; this is where you can experience the call of the wild in the pure language of nature. Protected by the majestic Zugspitze mountain, the hunting ground Ganghofer Jagd is in the heart of Tyrol Zugspitz Arena. A habitat for proud deer, graceful chamois and shy marmottes, a home in an Alpine environment that stretches over 3100 Hectares

Hunting in the Tyrol Zugspitz Arena

This is a place where experienced hunters, first-time hunters, trackers, and animal watchers discover a world in which the beauty and diversity is remarkable, and in which nature and the originality take your breath away. The hunting ground of the Hunting Hotel Post is accessible either by foot or by four-wheel-drive vehicle. Unforgettable hunting experiences, magical impressions of nature and new adventures await those who follow the call of the wild and experience hunting in Tyrol as a unique meeting with nature.

Experience wilderness at first hand, perceptive and aware. Our hunting ground "Ganghofer Jagd" is a wonderful jewel of nature with an unusually rich number and variety of species of game. Expansive and incomparable, a dream landscape that reminds us of our origins and one in which nature is palpable. Come and encounter this paradise and make contact with nature on a hunt in Tyrol.

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