An impressive hunting holiday in Austria.

3100 Hectares of pure hunting experience: the Ganghofer hunting ground.

As dawn breaks, and before the early mists clear, the first rays of sun capture the peaks of the mountains majestically dominating the landscape. The brushwood is covered in a layer of frost as you proceed, alert and careful. Eagle eyes are recording your every move, and then ahead, between the pine trees, you see something move. A pair of eyes, in which the whole tradition of hunting and all the secrets of nature are reflected. Your experienced hunting guide says nothing, but points to something in the thicket. Silence…

Tell us how the story continues. Let us know about your hunting holiday in our Hunting Hotel in Austria. Experience for yourself the tradition of hunting in Tyrol and discover the secrets of Alpine nature in a hunting ground that was favoured by Emperor Maximilian I.

Breathtaking diversity. Hunting in Tyrol.

With a timelessness and originality, a hunting trip in Austria combines serendipity, skill, and a consciousness of the surrounding environment. Sensitivity and feeling are just as important as accuracy and a well-trained eye. We treat all of nature's creations with respect, so that generations to come can also have the opportunity of experiencing enjoyable hunting holidays in Austria. Thanks to the careful maintenance of our hunting ground "Ganghofer Jagd" and the clever use of land and forest, there is an unusually rich amount of game that, thanks to its diversity and variety in species, fascinates hunters, nature lovers, animal watchers and trackers over and over again.

Hunting Ground Ganghofer Jagd

Rich in species & natural beauty, hunting holidays in Austria.

Red deer, roe deer, chamois and other game such as the well-known marmottes have found their refuge here in the shadow of the Zugspitz mountain, both an idyll and a natural habitat. The Tyrol Zugspitz Arena is a true Eldorado for hunting holidays in Austria, with 3100 Hectares of natural scenery, a unique hunting ground, with crystal clear mountain lakes and expansive woodland. In the middle of it all stands an appealing gem: our cosy hunting lodge, where you can fittingly celebrate a successful hunting trip and round it off in a culinary fashion. Our hunting lodge brunch on the sunny panorama terrace is a highlight, combining an appreciation of nature and gastronomy. Come and share with us.

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