Gourmet guides and restaurant guides have recognised the Hotel Post with various awards

Verdict of "very good" & upcoming star of the year.

Michael Kramer, a chef through and through, and passionate gourmet, a head chef who excites guests and juries alike. With his masterful award-winning cuisine, he perfects our gourmet full board and the culture of gastronomical delights in the new Post Gourmet Stube, and is justifiably applauded:


The Post Gourmet Stube by Michael Kramer was awarded 3 Falstaff Forks and 90 points, setting it amongst the best gourmet venues in the country. A “cleverly devised arrangement of exciting components", “impressing in both imagination and looks", and a “remarkable wine selection" are just some of the expressions used by the renowned gourmet and restaurant guide to describe the Post Gourmet Stube experience.

Gourmet guide A la Carte

In 2015 the gourmet guide A la Carte again recognised Michael Kramer as the upcoming star of the year. The wine selection held by certified sommelier Markus Saletz was given the highest award (3 bottles). We would like to congratulate him and wish him many awards in the future too.