Gourmet Restaurant: the Post Gourmet Stube by Michael Kramer

A luxuriously exquisite “Way of Taste” with charm and charisma.

Ever since Michael Kramer donned his chef’s uniform for the first time in the Alpine Luxury Gourmet & SPA Hotel Post in Lermoos, something was obvious: it was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. In June 2014 it was time for connoisseurs to take their seats in the new Post Gourmet Stube by Michael Kramer (IV. 5. Küch.) with great anticipation. They were impressed. He quickly cooked up a good reputation in their guarded address books, and in 2015 was recognised for the second time by the gourmet guide A la Carte as most promising chef of the year, and justifiably so, according to his growing appreciative fan base. The sparks of a young fire of life in the head chef Michael Kramer inflame the haute cuisine in his Gourmet-Restaurant in Lermoos, winning great acclaim here at the Alpine Luxury Gourmet & SPA Hotel Post.

A dignified experience in the Gourmet-Restaurant “Post Gourmet Stube”

During the main season till mid/end of August we keep our Post Gourmet Stube closed. Concerning reservations after the 22th August 2015 please call us: +43 5673 2281-0

A Gourmet Restaurant with a perky character

Exciting, impulsive, and yet so linked with classical noblesse. Michael Kramer defines a sense of pleasure which you can enjoy with all of your senses. Different, new, and always with a dash of spontaneity. With his creations, he always manages to inject a little bit of feeling for the homeland, for well-travelled gourmets, for experienced connoisseurs who perceive a fresh breath of wind here. This is where Tyrol tastes unique. Alpine tradition celebrates successful new incarnations to first-class award-winning standards. The whole composition comprises 4, 5, 6, or even 7 courses, combining together all nuances of fine cuisine. This is how he enthuses not just guests and friends of his gourmet restaurant in Tyrol, but also critics and juries who have recognised his works with many awards
This experience is all the more impressive when enjoyed at the Chef’s Table itself, or in the form of Private Service Deluxe in the Post Garden.

Shooting star of the year

In July 2014, demanding connoisseurs sat down in the new Post Gourmet Stube by Michael Kramer. They were immediately impressed. Fast he achieved a special position in the well-cared address books of pampered gourmets – and was in 2015 again awards the “shooting star of the year” by the gourmet guide “A la Carte”. Correctly, as his growing community of followers commonly think.

Vinous temptations in the Post Gourmet Stube

Vinous temptations in the Post Gourmet Stube certified sommelier Markus Saletz enriches the Post cuisine with a remarkable selection of premium wines from Austria and all over the world. He has been well known for a long time for his expertise and experience, for his feel for trends, and for his love for the great classics. His wine selection comprises some 800 entries, each chosen with much consideration. This is just another reason why you should let yourself be spoiled in the Alpine Luxury Gourmet & SPA Hotel Post in Lermoos at the Zugspitze, a place that has played host to royalty.