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Recharge your energy levels and zest for life in harmony with nature. Best of all, you can not only choose from 600 wines on our wine list, you can also enjoy vinotherapy in the SPA!

VINOBLE Basic Facial Treatment – invigorating.

After the basic treatment, your skin is nourished with a special face pack that contains active agents and visibly revitalises and refreshes your skin. This extraordinary treatment noticeably tightens your skin thank to its plump-up effect. As a finishing treatment a VINOBLE crème is applied.
ca. 60 minutes € 80,-

VINOBLE Modelling Facial Treatment – intensive.

After the *basic treatment the luxurious VINOBLE crèmes and sera are applied layer by layer. As a special highlight we apply our deluxe ampoules, which actively fight premature skin ageing and make wrinkles invisible. Thanks to a previously
applied warming mask, the special agents are deeply absorbed by the skin and protect it. A long-lasting, smooth and optimally nourished complexion is the result. A fountain of youth for the skin.
ca. 90 minutes € 122,-

VINOBLE Chardonnay Facial Treatment – liberating.

This treatment starts with a *basic treatment that is followed by a special massage with cold or warm bags of grape seeds. As a finishing treatment an exclusive face pack with wine leaves is applied. Thanks to their rich and tightening texture, a smooth and optimally nourished complexion is the result.
Incl. a glass of Styrian white wine from our wine cellar.
ca. 90 minutes € 127,-

VINOBLE Sauvignon Facial Treatment – radiating.

The face pack that tightens and soothes your skin at the same time. After the *basic treatment, your skin is pampered with a nourishing face pack with grape-seed flour, healing earth and a magical moisture elixir. The exclusive combination of active agents stimulates the blood circulation and healing process. The integrated eye treatment will give tired eyes a radiant look.
Incl. a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from our wine cellar.
ca. 90 minutes € 117,-

VINOBLE Eye Treatment – visible.

The eye treatment begins with a special eye massage, which completely relaxes the tired and stressed areas. This is followed by a nourishing face pack, which reduces swelling and stimulates the blood circulation. The products used for the finishing treatment are nourishing and silky-smooth, quickly absorbed by the skin and will give your eyes a radiant look.
ca. 30 minutes € 38,-
Can also be combined with a facial treatment.

*VINOBLE Basic Treatment.
All VINOBLE facials start with a basic treatment. This includes cleansing, a skin analysis, face scrub, deep cleansing and a face massage that is tailored to your skin type.

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