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They alleviate tension, harmonise, relax and are healthy. With our massage experts you are in the best of hands.
Discover new realms of relaxation!

POST ALPINE SPA Full-Body Massage.

During this full-body treatment we will pamper you from head to toe with a revitalising and relaxing massage. In addition muscle tension will be relieved, the metabolism stimulated and the lymph flow activated.
ca. 75 minutes € 89,-

Zugspitze Full-Body Massage.

Discover the power of nature and choose your own massage oil from arnica, St. John’s wort or marmot oil. You will feel a long-lasting, soothing, regenerating and relaxing effect on your muscles.
ca. 50 Minuten € 65,-

Reflexology Massage.

Our entire body is reflected in our feet. Stimulation of the reflex points on our feet has proven effective in the treatment of many different disorders (e.g. indigestion, headaches, irregular cycles or lymphatic disorders). A reflexology massage helps to flush toxins out of our body. It activates our body‘s own self-healing powers and strengthens the immune system. Your feet will be firmly planted on the ground again. With this treatment we recommend a combined classic partial massage.
ca. 40 minutes € 45,-

2-Part Post Alpin

Enjoy this combination of a part-body and reflexology massage. Following discussion with our therapists, you can decide which areas the massage should focus on, e.g. legs, back, head. The following reflexology foot massage helps the body relax during the part-body massage, activates the body’s own powers of self-healing and strengthens the immune system.
approx. 65 mins Euro 80.-

Partial Body Massage.

With the partial body massage you can decide yourself which body part the massage should focus on. After a consultation you will enjoy an individual massage that is tailored to your personal needs (e.g. back, head, legs).
ca. 25 minutes € 35,-

Detoxifying Massage.

The detoxifying massage focuses on the lymph channels to prevent water retention and help flush toxins out of the body. In addition it stimulates the blood circulation, activates the body‘s healing powers and relaxes the entire body.
ca. 60 minutes € 66,-


Slow, rhythmic stroking movements let you enter a world of peace.

Ear-candle treatment with facial lymph drainage

The ear-candle treatment in combination with a facial lymph drainage is like a gentle massage for the ears and eardrum. The warm smoke travels into the inner ear where it has a beneficial effect. This treatment stimulates the blood circulation in the ear. Ear candles are also very effective in the treatment of diseases caused by stress such as headaches and migraines.
ca. 55 minutes € 60,-

Aromatic Relaxation Massage.

Relax and enjoy a gentle massage and choose a warming chestnut or cedar oil, a cooling melissa oil or forest-berry oil in addition to our basic oil. It’s a soothing experience for all the senses.
ca. 50 minutes € 65,-

Hot Stone Massage.

A massage with hot stones and warm oil. It harmonises body, mind and soul. This special type of massage has long-lasting beneficial effects that help to alleviate stress and inner tension. At the same time light muscle tension is relieved. Treat yourself to a special pampering session.
ca. 75 Minuten € 89,-

VINOBLE Balance Massage.

A special massage treat. Warm grape-seed oil and warming or cooling aromatic oils are used to achieve deep tissue relaxation. The energy flow is initially stimulated with an intensive head and neck massage. Firm and long stroking movements are applied along the body‘s energy meridians. The warm grape-seed bags bring your energy flow back to its natural balance. This treatment is particularly recommended for stress relief. You can take the used grape-seed bags home with you after the treatment.
ca. 60 minutes € 82,-


For optimal relaxation, book several massage appointments!


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