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Grape seeds, rose essences or Alpine honey and stonepine stimulate the circulation and supply the body with important minerals. These wonderful baths invigorate like a long walk in the woods...
Completely relaxing and much more than just a bath.

ALPIENNE Tyrolean Herbal Bath.

An invigorating bath additive with essences from natural wild mountain herbs. The refreshing scent will relax you and stimulate your blood circulation.
ca. 20 minutes € 29,-

ALPIENNE Tyrolean Honey and Stone-Pine Bath.

A pleasantly relaxing bath with rich nutrients from pure bee honey and soothing essential oils from the stone pine. Makes your skin silky smooth, regulates moisture and has a positive effect on your overall well-being.
ca. 20 minutes € 29,-

VINOBLE Barrique Wine Bath.

A selected combination of grape extracts, rose-hip essences, Aloe Vera, red wine leaves and oak bark make this bath a unique experience. After this bath your skin will feel invigorated and well nourished.
ca. 20 minutes € 29,-

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