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Ayurveda is a healing system, which consists of the words ayus (life) and veda (knowledge). It is a mixture of worldly wisdom and a philosophical approach to important physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that influence our state of health.

Prior to a treatment or at the time of booking of an Ayurveda massage, our guests are given a „dosha“ questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire is used to determine your “dosha“ type, which in turn lets us determine which oil and which treatment you will need.

“Ayurveda is aimed at complete health and total well-being of mind and body”

Take your time!

Ayurveda primarily means taking time for yourself. We offer individual advice in order to find the best possible treatment for you! With each Ayurveda treatment, you will receive a brief description of your dosha type and a short Ayurveda cookery recipe.

Abhyanga Massage.

Abhyanga is also known in the Western world as „the big oiling“. Enveloped in warm oil, you will experience strong feelings of security, sleep exceptionally well and enjoy healthy skin.
ca. 75 minutes plus ca. 10 minutes relaxation € 99,-
Abhyanga massage four-handed
ca. 60 minutes plus ca. 10 minutes relaxation € 132,-


The Ayurveda head massage begins in a sitting position. This enables optimum access to the head, neck and back. The head massage consists of alternating stimulating and soothing massage techniques. The hair oil nourishes the scalp and makes hair beautiful and strong. Blood circulation in the scalp is stimulated.
ca. 45 minutes plus ca. 10 minutes relaxation € 65,-


This pleasant foot and leg massage has a positive effect on the entire body thanks to the foot reflex points. It promotes the circulation in the energy meridians and leads to a state of total relaxation. Agitation and sleep disorders are relieved, inner tension disappears and you will experience a sense of total
This treatment is not recommended if you suffer from inflamed vein or lymphatic conditions or are affected by diseases of the foot.
ca. 30 minutes plus ca. 10 minutes relaxation € 42,-


This detoxifying Ayurveda bath will cleanse you energetically after a rough day. A wonderful oriental flower fragrance provides superb relaxation in this natural brine bath.
ca. 20 minutes € 29,-

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