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POST ALPINE since 1560.
The Post has been a family-run business for more than 450 years. Tradition matters to us and we are proud to pass on our enthusiasm and our values to future generations working at the hotel. We value our beautiful natural
surroundings and run our business responsibly and in line with environmental standards.

We care about you.
At POST ALPINE we welcome guests from all corners of the world. A beautiful atmosphere, first-class service, warm hospitality and your well-being are our top-priority. Excellent working conditions, good internal communication and common projects have made the Post a very popular employer. We offer professional development events, yearly courses and trainings. Health and safety issues play also a big role in our business. The Post‘s popularity is reflected in the large amount of staff that come from surrounding areas. Many of them have been part of our family business for years and have actively contributed to our success.

Adding value to the region.
Being one of the biggest employers at the foot of Zugspitze mountain, we are an important economic factor in the region. That is why we work closely with local businesses whenever we can – from the local taxi company to the farmers, who supply us with locally sourced delicacies. This adds value to our region and transport is kept to a minimum. During our large renovation in 2006 and for all other renovation works, we always hired companies and craftspeople from our region or from the neighbouring region of Allgäu.

Treasures from all over the world.
Our roots are in the Alps but we are open for specialities from all over the world. We carefully choose the products that we use.

Taking care of the environment.
In 2006 our hotel was completely renovated. Since 2009 our energy is sourced from the bio power plant in Wacht (at the end of the town in the direction of Biberwier). This saves 120.000 litres of heating oil every year. Monitoring of
electricity consumption at peak times and main switches in all rooms helps us to keep energy consumption at a low level. Waste separation is strictly enforced and monitored. Together with our suppliers we ensure that we only use re-usable packaging where possible.

We provide environmentally friendly e-bikes for our guests to explore our beautiful natural surroundings. Our tip: For a special walking experience walk barefoot across the mountain pastures in summer!

Charity work.
We support non-profit organisations, clubs and local charity organisations such as “Rettet das Kind Tirol”, “Lebenshilfe Tirol”, SOS Kinderdorf Imst, the kindergarten, the primary and secondary school, the football and ice-hockey club as well as the local voluntary fire brigade. If you would like to support us, please do not hesitate to ask us at the reception for details.

Corporate responsibility.
As a business we have a lot of responsibilities that we have been taking very seriously for generations: towards our guests - who spend their holidays with us, towards our staff – who work with us, towards our neighbours in our town and the region, towards our suppliers and business partners. And last but not least towards our environment, for nature is the most precious thing that we have.

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